4.2 Subway trains

4.2.2 New York


Screen dump of the driver's view Picture of a R-62 subway train
NYCTA R-62 electric subway train. This train for the 42nd Street Shuttle consists of 4 permanently coupled motorized cars. In other cases, a R-62 unit consists of 5 permanently coupled motorized cars. Driver's stand with digital speedometer (see text at Misc. below), manometer (pressure gauge) and pilot lamp. The power handle and the break handle are both moving and follows the simulation in BVE.
# of veh.:
Total length:
Ca. 65 m 
Total weight:
134 t 
Traction pwr:
1372 kW 
Max load:
176 seats
Power source:
3rd rail 625 V DC
Max velocity:
Safety systems in BVE:
Tony C. ETERNITYTNT1@aol.com
NYCTA line S - 42nd Street Shuttle 
NYCTA line 7 
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
Vehicle description:
History, short info and >600 pictures of R-62 class
Picture inside R-62 class, a few video clips and a number of pictures of R-62 class
Bild i typ R-46
The digital speedometer indicates the speed in km/h, but the permissible speed indicators in the New York subway indicates permissible speed in mph.
Download from:
The creators' web site www.nyctba.com has been down for a long time. Until it may reappear, the train may be downloaded from this web site.
To download from this website:
Train, Install instruction (in Swedish only)
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