4.2 Subway trains

4.2.2 New York

R-32 Brightliner

Screen dump of the driver's view Picture of a R-32 subway train
NYCTA R-32 Brightliner electric subway train. One R-32-unit is 2 permanently coupled motorized cars. This R-32 train consists of 8 cars, that is 4 such units coupled. Driver's stand with speedometer, manometer (pressure gauge), clock and pilot lamp.

# of veh.:
Total length:
Ca. 151 m 
Total weight:
Ca. 290 t 
Traction pwr:
2752 kW 
Max load:
400 seats
Power source:
3rd rail 625 V DC
Max velocity:
72 km/h  
Safety systems in BVE:
Ca. 1964
NYCTA line E 
NYCTA line E 
NYCTA line C 
NYCTA line G 
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
Vehicle description:
Short info about and >400 pictures of the R-32 class
Picture isidde class R-32
Picture inside class R-32
Download from:
The creators' web site www.nyctba.com has been down for a long period. Until it may reappear, the train can be downloaded from this web site.
To download from this website:
Train, Install instruction (in Swedish only)
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