4.3 Railroads

4.3.1 Japan

Sendai Airport line

Screen dump of a view from the line
Sendai Airport line as it was before the devastating earthquake and tsunami 2011-Mar-11. The trains uses the Tohoku line from Sendai to Natori and from there a separate line to Sendai airport. The line is electrified with overhead wire (20 kV AC 50 Hz), and the gauge is 1067 mm. Very well done route with detailed urban landscape and railway.
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
In OpenBVE there are problems with non-transparency in a number of graphic objects.

This can be fixed by downloading the archive file SendaiAirportLine_OpenBVE.rar containing graphic objects adapted for OpenBVE. Put the unpacked directory SendaiAirportLine in the directory Railway\Object\Jakurei (overwrite existing files).

Line description:
Works with OpenBVE if adapted graphic objects are used, see the text above.
Download from:
The creator's website, use the first download link.
To download from this website:
Graphic objects adapted for OpenBVE.
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