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4.1.4 New York

NYCTA line N

Screen dump of a view from the line
Line N in New York's subway (the Sea Beach line, part of the 4th Avenue line, Manhattan Bridge, part of the Broadway line, ant the Astoria line, all former BMT), for the class R68 subway train. The line starts at Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn and goes via Manhattan to Astoria/Ditmars Boulevard in Queens. There are 2 alternatives for this line: A local alternative and an express alternative that skips a number of stations. Announcement of all stations and connecting lines for the express alternative. Generic stations, no trackside details, no details at stations.
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69 min.
34300 m
78 min.
34300 m
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
The routes for the line's both alternatives has a number of errors: At different locations, the train goes like a ghost through walls to another track; The local alternative uses the same tracks as the express alternative but requires stops at all stations even that the trains is not adjacent to any platform at some stations; The since 1956 abandoned station Myrtle Avenue also requires a stop according to the schedule.
Line description:
The real world line N at the web site www.nycsubway.org:
Everything on the Sea Beach linen.
Everything on the 4th Avenue linen.
A little on Manhattan Bridge.
Everything on the Broadway line.
Everything on the Astoria line.
Track map over the southern part of the line in Brooklyn (yellow tracks on the map from Stillwell Avenue/Coney Island and northwards via 86th Street and 59th Street to 45th Streetand further northwards)
Track map over the center part of the line in Brooklyn (yellow tracks on the map from 36th Street and northwards to Union Street)
track map of northern part of the line in Brooklyn (yellow tracks on the map from Pacific Street and northwest via DeKalb Avenue and the abandoned station Myrtle Avenue to Manhattan Bridge)
Track map over southern part of the line on Manhattan (yellow tracks on the map from Manhattan Bridge and westwards to Canal Street and the northwards to 14th Street/Union Square)
Track map of the northern part of the line on Manhattan (yellow tracks on the map northwards from 14th Street/Union Square to 57th Street and then eastwards to Lexington Avenue and 60th Street Tunnels)
track map over the Queens part of the line (yellow tracks on the map from 60th Street Tunnels and Queensboro Plaza and northwards to Ditmars Boulevard)
The simulated route for the line is not the present, but as it was at some earlier time, maybe in the 1990s.
Download from:
This route was distributed by the since long time ago defunct website www.nyctba.com. For the time being, the route can be downloaded from this web site.
To download from this website:
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