4.1 Subways

4.1.4 New York

NYCTA line D

Screen dump of a view from the line
Line D in New York's subway (part of the 6th Avenue linen, part of the Queens Boulevard linen, part of the 8th Avenue linen and the Concourse linen, all former IND), for the class R68 subway train. This line is entirely under the surface and begins at a layup track at Norwood/205th Street in the Bronx and goes to Grand Street at Manhattan, where this simulation ends. In the real world, the line continues to Coney Island in Brooklyn. Detailed line, both stations and trackside! Soft curves and realistic switches, announcement of all stations and connections.
43 min.
23571 m
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
Line description:
The real world line D at the web site www.nycsubway.org:
Everything on the Concourse line.
Everything on the 8th Avenue line.
Everything on the Queens Boulevard line.
Everything on the 6th Avenue line.
Track map of the line in Bronx and northmost part of Manhattan (orange tracks on the map from the northern layup track east of 205th Street to Bedford Park Boulevard, from there blue tracks on the map southwards to 125th Street, at which the route is the second blue track from the left, and further southwards)
Track map of the northern center part of the line at Manhattan (second blue track from the left at the map at 125th Street and southwards, from 103rd Street the eastern dotted blue line on the map southwards, at 59th Street/Columbus Circle the second blue track from the left at the map)
Track map of the southern center part of the line at Manhattan (the second blue line from the left at the map at 59th Street/Columbus Circle, from there southwards on the orange tracks on the map that turns eastwards 7th Avenue and then turns southwards to the westmost track at 47th-50th Streets/Rockefeller Center, further on orange tracks at the map southwards to the second track from the left at 42nd Street/6th Avenue, then gray tracks at the map southwards)
Track map of the southmost part of the line at Manhattan (gray tracks at the map from the vicinity of 14th Street and southwards to West 4th Street/Washington Square from which black dotted track on the map continues southwards and black track on the map eastwards to Broadway-Lafayette, the southmost black track, then southwards to Grand Street, there this simulation ends; in real life the line continues southeast to Manhattan Bridge and further on in Brooklyn to Coney Island)
This line uses graphical objects from the NYCTA A line, which must be installed before this line can be used.
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