4.1 Subways

4.1.4 New York

NYCTA line 2

Screen dump of a view from the line
Line 2 in New York's subway (the Brooklyn line with the Flatbush branch line, part of the West Side line with the Brooklyn branch line, and finally the White Plains line, all former IRT), for the subway train class R142 or class R36 Redbird. The line begins at Flatbush Avenue/Brooklyn College in Brooklyn and goes through, among other stations, Times Square/42nd Street on Manhattan, there this simulation ends, to Wakefield/241st Street in Bronx. A simulation of the line all the way has years ago been heard of, but nothing further is known about that now. Detailed stations! Plenty of trackside signs and signals (with correct signal numbers). Soft curves and realistic switches, and also announcements of all stations and connections.
42nd Street
29 min.
18025 m
R-142R-142R-36 Redbird
 Works with BVE 2:
 Works with BVE 4:
Known problems:
In OpenBVE there are problems with transparency in the graphics that don't work. It shows as blue lines around the destination signs on the class R-62 trains that appears along the line.

The problems can be fixed by changing in the definition files for those graphic objects. In the directory Railway\Object\WestsideA\cars are the files r62_1.b3d, r62_3.b3d, r62_4.b3d, r62_5.b3d, r62_7.b3d and r62_9.b3d.

In each of these files the word Transparent followed by three numbers appears at 6 lines. Change in each of these files so the 4 first appearances of the Transparent-instructions are Transparent 0, 0, 255 and the 2 last are Transparent 255, 0, 0.

Line description:
The real world line 2 at the web site www.nycsubway.org:
All about the Brooklyn line
All about the West Side line
All about the White Plains line
Track map over the eastern part of the line in Brooklyn (red tracks on the map from Flatbush Avenue northwards to President Street, then westwards to Bergen Street)
Track map over the western part of the line in Brooklyn (red tracks on the map westwards from Bergen Street to Clark Street and Clark Street Tunnels)
Track map over the southmost part of the line on Manhattan (red tracks on the map from Clark Street Tunnels and Wall Street northwards to 14th Street)
Track map over the southern center part of the line on Manhattan (red tracks on the map northwards from 14th Street to Times Square/42nd Street there the simulated route ends, then further northwards to 66th Street/Lincoln Center)
Track map over the northern center part of the line on Manhattan (red tracks on the map from 66th Street/Lincoln Center northwards to 96th Street, then the line turns eastwards and then northwards to 125th Street)
Track map over the northmost part of the line on Manhattan (red tracks on the map northwards from 125th Street and the eastwards to 3rd Avenue)
Track map over the Bronx part of the line (red tracks on the map northwards from 3rd Avenue to 241st Street/Wakefield)
The timetable for this version of line 2 for BVE is not according to real life. Because of that you will be late to those stations for which times are entered in the simulation's timetable. If you keep up with the real world timetable, you will in the simulation be late to the different stations according to the table below:
Franklin Avenue2--3 min.
Nevins Street5--6 min.
Chambers Street9--11 min.
14th Street9--12 min.
Times Square/42nd Street9--13 min.

Works with OpenBVE.

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